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Flanged extra-miniature/miniature/small bearings


Extra-miniature, miniature and small ball bearings of this type have flanges on their outer rings to make positioning in the axial direction easy, and they achieve economy by eliminating the need to spotface the housing edges.
This type is ideal for parts that require high-speed rotation, low-friction torque and low-vibration/noise for devices that should be smaller, thinner and lighter-weight.

Main specifications

Parts High-carbon chromium bearing steel Stainless steel
Inner/outer rings SUJ2 KS440
Balls SUJ2 SUS440C
Cage SPCC SUS304
Shield SECC-NC SUS304
Standard class P0 P0

Main purposes of use

Hard disc drives, stepping motors, fan motors, encoders, DVD spindles, small motors, pinch rollers, etc.

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