CSR activities

Our company’s CSR

We believe that a company should grow with society and contribute to social development through its activities. We value our connection with society and strive to share our values and establish trust with all stakeholders while listening to their opinions, in order to contribute to a sustainable society and the regional economy.

Basic CSR Policy

  1. We live up to the expectations of customers by constantly supplying quality products.
    We strive for the continuous improvement of our quality management system, the transfer of skills and the improvement of technological capabilities. In devoting ourselves to manufacturing, we place the highest priority on quality.
  2. We hand down a sustainable and affluent global environment to the next generation.
    We conduct manufacturing that ensures harmony between industrial growth and the global environment through anti-pollution efforts, energy savings, resource savings and other environmental conservation activities.
  3. We aim to create workplaces with job satisfaction and diversity.
    We create safe, comfortable work environments where individual employees respect one another’s character and potential and can grow on their own.
  4. We aim to be a company that progresses and grows with the community.
    We appreciate the benefits of the local community and engage in community contribution activities with the spirit of manufacturing that we’ve fostered here.

CSR concept

CSR concept