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Our company observes the Private Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations. We also ensure the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the following matters provided by this privacy policy.

Definition of personal information

The following items are recognized by our company as personal information: information on living individuals stipulated by laws related to the protection of personal information (name, date of birth and other information with which individuals can be identified), e-mail addresses, user IDs, passwords, credit card numbers and other information used in connection with specific individuals and age and other attribute information integral to personal information.

Acquisition of personal information

Our company acquires personal information properly without falsification or other fraudulent means.

Use of personal information

Our company handles personal information collected from our customers within the scope of the use purposes provided below. We won’t use your customer information for any purposes other than those listed below.

  1. The provision of our services to customers
  2. Requests to customers to give us opinions or comments on our services
  3. The preparation of statistical material in which customers are categorized by attributes (e.g., age, address)
  4. Business communications, cooperation, negotiations, conclusion/execution of contracts, demands for performance, etc. with customers
  5. The provision of maintenance/support for customers
  6. Other purposes related to the provision or presentation of services to customers

Provision of personal information to third parties

Personal information collected from customers will not be disclosed or provided to any third party except in the cases listed below.

  1. When prior consent/agreement has been obtained from the customer
  2. When information is disclosed/provided within the scope required by an organization, etc. that has concluded a confidentiality agreement with our company in advance
  3. In other cases where such disclosure/provision is required by laws or regulations

Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

If a customer wishes for the personal information provided by the customer to be disclosed, corrected or deleted, the customer is asked to make such a request by using the contact address below. As soon as it’s confirmed that the request is from the customer himself or herself, we will disclose, correct or delete the information without delay. The customer may be requested to present an ID (e.g., driver’s license, health insurance card, pension book, passport, alien registration card) to confirm that the request is from the customer himself or herself. We will fulfill the request only if we can make this confirmation.
If your personal information is not provided, you may not be able to receive certain services of our company for which personal information is essential.
Please contact the address below for the above request/inquiry concerning our handling of personal information.

- Contact address -
General Affairs Department, Kitanihon Seiki Co., Ltd.
26-23, Kamiashibetsu-cho, Ashibetsu, Hokkaido 079-1371

Safe management of personal information/supervision of employees

We take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent/correct the loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information provided by customers or for other measures to ensure the safe management of such information.
When we receive your personal information via the website or another website operated by our company, we use SSL (SecureSocketsLayer) encryption to ensure safety against unauthorized access by a third party.
Our company also supervises our officers and employees appropriately to ensure the safe management of personal information.

Access logs

The website and other websites operated by our company record information on visitors to the site in access logs. Recorded information includes the IP address, access date/time and other information, but does not include any information with which individuals can be identified. Access logs are used for the management of the website and other websites operated by our company and for the analysis of website use status.

Updating of the privacy policy

Our company may revise this privacy policy in line with the amendment of laws and regulations. In that case, the latest privacy policy will be presented on the website.
Our company will make continued efforts to improve our protection and handling of personal information.