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Connections with customers- Quality management -

It’s our responsibility to provide products whose quality improvements satisfy our customers. We’ve established a system for the manufacture of high-quality/high-precision products based on our confidence and experience.

Basic concept of quality management

Our company defines quality as “the continuous provision of products and services that satisfy the specifications, prices and delivery time required by customers.” We establish and implement our quality management system and constantly monitor the system in order to continuously improve our quality.

Quality management policies

Provision of products whose quality improvements satisfy customers

  1. Maintain and improve our quality management system, which conforms to IATF16949 and ISO9001 standards, and achieve the goals of that system.
  2. Continuously provide highly reliable products that meet the demands of customers.
  3. Ensure quality improvements and on-time delivery by developing an efficient production system and improving the production process.
  4. Ensure appropriate costs by establishing efficient production systems.
  5. Make efforts for the transfer of skills and the improvement of technological capabilities, and constantly strive for the development of new technologies.
  6. Continuously review the in-house system and efforts so as to promptly respond to the requests of customers.

Quality management system

Quality management system- The Quality Basics Conference and the Policy Development Conference consist of the heads of departments, and the Quality Conference consists of the section chiefs and higher-position officers of departments and the manufacturing division.

Acquisition of certifications for quality management systems

Our company has established an automotive quality management system, in addition to our basic quality management system, in accordance with ISO9001.

International standard for quality management systems ISO9001

Certification standard ISO9001:2015
Approval No. ISO 9001 - 0065140-501
Registration organization Lloyd’s Register
Applicable facilities Main factory, Nishiashibetsu factory

ISO9001 certification

Download the ISO9001: 2015 certification (PDF)

International standard for quality management systems in the automotive industry IATF16949

Certification standard IATF 16949:2016
Approval No. IATF 16949-0065140-001
Registration organization Lloyd’s Register
Applicable facilities Main factory

IATF 16949: 2016 certification

Download the IATF 16949: 2016 certification (PDF)

The IATF 16949: 2016 was published by the IATF*1 as a revision of the conventional ISO/TS16949: 2009 in response to the revision of the ISO9001: 2015 and as a new standard with additional requirements specific to the automotive industry. It’s a unified international standard for quality management systems in the automobile industry, consisting of very strict requirements, including those for various activities and management methods.

(*1) The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) is an organization established with the participation of automobile manufacturers (BMW, Daimler, FCA US, GM, Ford, FCA Italy, PSA, Renault, VW) and automotive-related trade associations (AIAG (USA), ANFIA (Italy), FIEV (France), SMMT (UK) and VDA (Germany)) to provide quality products to automobile users around the world.

Efforts to improve the quality management system

Examinations of the quality management system

Our company makes constant efforts to improve our quality management system through examinations by a third-party organization and regular in-house examinations.

Communication with customers

Our company conducts customer satisfaction surveys. Comments from customers are shared company-wide as irreplaceable “precious information” and are utilized for further and continuous improvement of our quality management system.

Zero-defect efforts

We strictly adhere to the principles of “never producing defective products” and “never letting defective products out of the company,” in accordance with IATF16949 for quality management systems in the automotive industry. Based on these principles, we make zero-defect efforts through the establishment of manufacturing and management processes.

Implementation of quality patrols

We conduct strict, systematic quality patrols for each manufacturing process. These require the observation of work procedures to ensure complete quality, and they encourage the management of “the 4 M’s” (man, method, machine and material) and “the 4 S’s” (seiri (orderliness), seiton (neatness/tidiness), seiketsu (cleanliness) and seiso (cleaning), as well as an understanding of necessary knowledge, opinion exchanges and mutual suggestions in workplaces. Any problems that are found are reviewed according to the PCDA cycle to prevent quality issues.

Promotion of personnel education to support quality

To ensure high quality, it’s necessary to have personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to practice quality management at different stages. We promote personnel education concerning the acquisition of qualifications and expertise, QC examinations, IATF core tools, internal auditors and management ability through basic QC education in the training of new employees and OJT in actual operations.